Biomedical Remed was established in 2006 to become an important clinic for people open to alternative medicine and holistic treatment.

Our advantage is the teamwork, professionalism, seriousness, dedication and professional training given by Professor William Nelson within the I.M.U. (International Medical University), but also by other elite professors in the field, postgraduate courses at the Victor Babes Timisoara faculty and Biofeedback Educator 1 specialization courses.

Biomedical Remed kept pace with the development and specialization of the period, in order to be up to date and to be able to offer the best services to our clients.

That is why we invest in specialization and high-performance equipment and since the fall of 2019 we have moved from working on the SCIO device to the latest generation of medical bioresonance device Eductor 1.

In order to always be close to our clients, we offer weekly important health information in the TV show “HEALTH AND PREVENTION” with Liuba Radion, on 6Tv, then posted on youtube, facebook and instagram.

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