General assessment of health
Balancing therapies and treatment of diseases
Treatment of fatigue and increased tone
Therapies to treat inflammation and pain
Recovery therapy after stroke, heart attack, chemotherapy, surgery
Immune system growth therapies
Therapies to treat the nervous and neurological system
Circulation stimulation therapies
Therapies to treat the digestive system
Sinusitis therapies
Therapies for treating eye diseases
Skin ailments
Therapies to treat allergies
Therapies to increase performance in athletes and physical recovery after accidents

Therapies for treating and stimulating brain function

Therapies to treat stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia
Memory stimulation
Treatment of emotional trauma
Personal development and NLP
Brain relaxation
Improving sleep quality
Stimulation of the pineal gland
The opening of the third eye
Mental clarity

Detoxification therapies

Detoxification of the body at the cellular and intacellular level
Detoxification of the lymphatic system
Detoxification of subcutaneous tissue and skin (cellulite)
Digestive detoxification
Liver detoxification
Blood detoxification
Mercury detoxification
Detoxification of specific heavy metals
Radiation detoxification
Detoxification of industrial toxins
Detoxification of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, carbon dioxide, drugs, allopathic medicines, etc …,
Detoxification of parabens, food additives, fluoride, etc.…,

Therapies to treat metabolic and hormonal imbalances

Thyroid therapies
Therapies to treat breast diseases
Anti-cellulite treatment and adipose tissue, by eliminating excess lishid
Fat liquefaction therapies (cholesterol and triglycerides)
Therapies to improve sex life
Treating infertility in women
Therapies to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce pain
Therapies for treating pre-menopausal and post-menopausal disorders

Regeneration, rejuvenation and beauty therapies

Cell regeneration
DNA regeneration
Elastin recovery
Collagen recovery
Facial lift
Dark circles treatment
Removing stains from the face
Treatment of dry and dehydrated skin
Balancing oily skin
Skin toning
General rejuvenation of the body
Stopping hair loss
Cellulite treatment
Lymphatic drainage

Therapies on energy bodies

Aure balancing and harmonization
Chakra treatment and harmonization therapy
Energy pulse acupuncture (without needles) on the energy meridians
Increased vibration and spiritual growth
Activation of the light body
Activating the orgone field
Unlocking karma
Karma reprogramming
Increasing the personal realization potential

Antismoking tapes

– when performing 1-3 anti-smoking therapies, you can quit smoking without going through depression, withdrawal and without putting yam in the refrigerator. During antismiking therapy, the lungs are detoxified, stress levels are reduced, nicotine is eliminated from the body and thus cigarette addiction disappears. Antismoking therapy has only beneficial effects on the body.

This therapy has no side effects and can be repeated whenever there is a desire to smoke.

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