Regenerative therapies, rejuvenation and beauty

– Cell regeneration
– DNA-regenerating
– Elastin restoring
– Collagen restoring
– Facelift
– Rejuvenation
– Regrowth
– Cellulite treatment
– Lymphatic drainage
– Augmentation
– Penis-enlargement
– Dark circles treatment
– Removal of unwanted hair on the face
– Removal of spots on the face
– Treatment of skin
– Skin tone
– To stimulate hair growth

Brain stimulation therapies

– Personal development & NLP
– Open mind terapy
– Divine light to pineal gland

Body energizing therapies

– Chakras treatment and harmonization therapy
– Pulse energy acupuncture (without needles) on the energy meridians
– Cleaning aura
– Aura balancing and harmonizing

Detoxification Therapies

– Body at the cellular and intacelular level detoxification
– Lymphatic system detoxification
– Subcutaneous tissue and skin (cellulite) detoxification
– Digestive detoxification
– Hepatic detoxification
– Blood detoxification
– Heavy metals detoxification
– Radiation detox
– Industrial toxic detoxification
– Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, carbon dioxide, drugs and allopathic medicines detoxification
– Parabens, food additives, fluoride etc., detoxification
– Therapies for treating infections with viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites
– Boost immunity
– Metabolic balance therapy
– Therapy for control of blood glucose
– Fat liquefaction therapies
– Weight loss
– Weight gain

Feet detox therapies

Detox through feet is a faster method of eliminating toxins from the body, to help faster recovery of health. This therapy can remove toxins and heavy metals of different types.

Antismoking therapies

Between 1-3 anti-smoking therapies, you can quit smoking without going through depression, withdrawal and without raiding the fridge. The therapy is detoxifying the lungs, decreases stress levels in the body and eliminate the nicotine so addictive cigarette disappears.

This therapy has no side effects and can be repeated every time when craving occurs.





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