Body organs detoxification therapies

Biomedical Remed offers the following general detoxification therapies and body organs detoxification:

– Body at the cellular and intacelular level
– Lymphatic system detoxification
– Subcutaneous tissue and skin (cellulite) detoxification
– Digestive detoxification
– Hepatic detoxification
– Blood detoxification
– Heavy metals detoxification
– Radiation detox
– Industrial toxic detoxification
– Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, carbon dioxide, drugs and allopathic medicines detoxification
– Parabens, food additives, fluoride etc., detoxification
– Therapies for treating infections with viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites
– Boost immunity
– Metabolic balance therapy
– Therapy for control of blood glucose
– Fat liquefaction therapies
– Weight loss
– Weight gain

detoxifiere digestiva      detoxifiere ficat      detoxifiere sistem limfatic
Detoxifierea                                         Detoxifierea                               Detoxifierea
sistemului digestiv                               ficatului                                sistemului limfatic

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